DeFi Overview

Decentralized Finance And Crypto Currency News In Your Mobile.

DeFi Overview app brings you all necesary data for your journey in crypto currency world.

DeFi Overview

Track your favorite crypto projects

DeFi Overview tries to bring complete info to people who are getting familiar with crypto currencies and DeFi. Our goal is to create app which simplifies onboarding of new users, while it s still being handy for advanced users with up to date data about crypto and DeFi projects.

Current data

Track you favorite crypto projects. We aggregate current data from CoinGecko, Messari DeFi Pulse and multiple news portals.

DeFi and crypto finance

Compare financial products of different projects focused on crypto curreny. Decide which projects fits you the most.

Info Overview

Explore existing projects, follow upcoming events or check where you can use crypto currencies for payment.

Best Features

The main goal of DeFi Overview is to aggregate and provide useful data to people, who decided to start with crypto currency or for these, who are already in the game. We try to provide all useful information and links at one place, because we think there is missing app like this. There are multiple wallets, portfolio trackers or trading apps, but nothing what aggregates current market data with general info as news, descriptions or adoption status. Maybe it will be changed in the future, but till that time, we stay here.

Coin Watchlist

Create your own watchlist of coins, you can add any coin listed on Coin Gecko.

News feed

Create your own news feed from available news sources or check team updates through Beam.

Loans Tracker

Track and compare interest rates for saving and loans from DeFi or CeFi projects.

Ethereum Tracker

Track you current balance and transactions on ethereum chain with Block Scout Explorer.

Exchanges Tracker

Track exchanges, their volumes and current prices. Check any exchange listed on Coin Gecko.

Info & Adoption

Check following events and conferences, crypto related books and project descriptions. Explore which services provides crypto payment and find how to earn some coins and securly store them in wallet.


Download DeFi Overview

Currently you can dowload the app on Google Play or directly from our website as apk file. DeFi Overview is still in beta, since we still try to catch all bugs and improve stability of the app.

Meet our team

Our team consists of two people, who decided to try bring crypto currency and DeFi info to people. We do it in our free time and for free, but still we hope our work has some value.

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Crypto Crab


Crypto crab is the deveveloper who is behind this project. Maintains Android app, server side and website.

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Community manager

Bee provides daily updates about events in crypto currency space and controls our community account on twitter.




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Any donation is appreciated. If you like the app and the work we try to do, you can contribute to addresses, which will be shown, when you click on the button 'See Addresses'. Thank you for your support.


News and updates about our app and DeFi world.

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